Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Friends from Alabama

When we left AL last year, some very special friends told us they were going to come visit us next year.  Annndddd, they did:)  The William's and Smoot's arrived here last Thursday late afternoon and went back home yesterday morning.  We had an absolutely wonderful time with them.  We are very blessed to have such special people in our life to come so far to come see us.  We are very grateful.  We did lots of eating:)  We went to a couple of places Craig and I had never gone to.  We went for a drive down the East Coast one day.  It was raining though.  We went to Boston one day and drove around looking at different sights and enjoyed some good lunch too.  Thank ya'll so much for making a Big trip to come visit us.  Wonderful memories were made for sure:)

Pop Pa Joe and Mrs. Bobbie with her Lobster bib on:)

Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Jane at the Lobster Boat

Checking out the waves!

Getting some pictures!

We added our sweet friend Chevy to the mix on Friday afternoon:)

Told ya we did lots of eating!!!  On Sat, we went to the Puritan Backroom, and the girls got a table all to themselves:)

After church on Sunday

Craig and I went for a 14 mile bike ride after church

Sweet Miss Lauren watched the girls while we went

Mrs. Bobbie playing hide and seek with Anna Claire

Eating some lunch at Cheers.

Then we went for an ice cream treat at Moo's

Kyndal playing kitchen with Mrs. Bobbie and Anna Claire

Then they had a pillow fight!

Anna Claire asked several times yesterday, where "those people" are???!!!!???  She really opened up with them and loved having them here.  We all loved having them here:)

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