Thursday, September 26, 2013

New toy and Under the weather

Kyndal got some money for her birthday and it burns a hole in her pocket, so we had to go to the store for her to pick out something.  She had seen some flying fairy on TV that she wanted and some texting toys for her and Abby.  Once she got the fairy charged up, it was a huge hit!

Watching the action...

A couple of days this week Anna Claire has been under the weather with cold like symptoms.  Seems like it's going around here a lot.  She was pretty pitiful one night asking to go to bed before 7 pm after a 2 hour nap late that afternoon.


Julie Loftin said...

Looks like Craig was having as much fun with the fairy as the girls :).
Hope AC feels better before your company gets there!! Enjoy them while they are there.

LGreen0605 said...

Oh man! I remember those flying fairies. My sister is 7 years younger than me and I used to play with hers too. They were a lot of fun.