Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday, we had another day of fabulous weather so I sat on the deck for at least 3-4 hours.  After school, our sweet friend Chevy came over to spend the night.  A couple of the youth boys came over to watch a movie with Craig while the girls played upstairs and I went walking with a friend and then went and visited another friend for a little bit.

Saturday, I went for a 10 mile bike ride with a friend early in the morning, came home to breakfast on the table cooked by Craig and Abby.  Then we all went on another bike ride, but only about 3 miles, where Kyndal had a wreck, but she is okay.  Craig who carries Anna Claire on the back and Abby went further than us, so we headed back home.  When the othesr got home, Anna Claire came up pouting to me, and Abby came in and said they had a wreck too.  Craig went on an off trail where there was sand and his tire got caught or something like that and he flipped over the handle bars and of course the bike fell over where AC was in her seat on the back.  They were both okay too thank the Lord.  AC was of course scared, but okay.  She told her Daddy she didn't want to go off on that trail anymore!  Craig along with our Associate Pastor performed a wedding that afternoon for some friends, so we all got ready for that.  All 4 girls looked so cute and I didn't take a picture:(  After the wedding, our sweet friends kept the girls while we attended the reception.  We had a good time!

Sunday, we had a great service (as always) at church, then a meeting afterwards.  Went home to cook dinner for the fam, and food to take back to church for Ladies Fellowship.  Had a really great time at the fellowship too.

We had a really great weekend and I only took 1 picture:(

Love these sweet smiles:)

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Tesha Papik said...

I love bike rides, we have not taken one in so long. Reading this really makes me want to get on a bike well I guss I should wait till after the baby is born at this point:) So glad you guys had a blessed weekend!