Sunday, February 23, 2014

AC funnies

Anna Claire is at such a fun age. She says the funniest things sometimes.

She refers to her sisters as "the sisters". Like she will tell me she can't wait to be big and go to school like "the sisters".

She also calls them guys. Thanks New England for that one!! If I tell her to go tell them something, she will say, hey guys, mom said...

She called the computer a "pooter" the other day and we giggled. Not really at how she pronounced it but at what she was saying. She talks a lot. So, when we giggled, she said I can't say it right so I will just call it a pooter. I reaffirmed her that it was ok what she calls it.

She put Craig's tie around her neck the other day and proudly announced that she was Pastor Craig!!!

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Julie Loftin said...

She's a stinker! Funny girl :)