Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A day of first's for our family

Yesterday we went to Boston with some friends to visit the New England Aquarium.  We rode the T into Boston which was fun.  The girls, and Craig loved it.  I liked it too, but I get nervy!!!!  I had no idea where to go or when to get off or where to get on, so good thing I wasn't leading this adventure.  The Aquarium was lots of fun too.  Then we went to Fanueil Hall and had lunch at Bertucci's, which was good.  After walking around a little, and getting some cookies, we headed back to the T.  When we got home, Craig and the big girls went to the pond to skate, while AC and I chilled at home:)  It was a great Family day!!!

Our first time on the T

Some of our good friends we spent the day with

The penguins

The seals

Checking out all the different fish in the tank

Enjoying some ice cream

Safe to say they had a good day and were worn out!

The title, A day of first's for our family was because it was our first time to ride the T, our first trip to the New England Aquarium, and our first time to eat at Bertucci's:)  For my memories sake!

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