Friday, February 6, 2015

Around here

Well let's see, we have almost 4 feet of snow on the ground, with at least 10 feet high snow banks.  We are due for another foot of snow beginning tomorrow through Monday night.  I think I've seen enough snow to last me a lifetime!!!  While it's pretty, I've seen enough:)

Abby has another basketball game tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

We of course do a lot of just hanging out inside because the temperature is very low and it's just too cold to be out for any length of time.  We were suppose to go snow sledding last Saturday with some friends, but the temperature was in the single digits, and it was very windy which made the wind chill in the negatives, so we didn't go:)

Kyndal however, was getting cabin fever one day this week, and I certainly didn't want to go outside, so she played on the deck for at least an hour.  Then she came in for a hot shower, because her feet were cold.  Don't let the deck fool you on how much snow we have, we (well I actually haven't helped this year) keep it cleaned off!!

Craig and Anna Claire have had colds this week.  Anna Claire seems to be on the mend with just a runny nose now.  Craig still feels not so great, but getting a little better each day.  I'm sure getting sweaty out in the cold snow shoveling did a number on him.  I caught a picture of them sleeping on the couch together the other day when they were both feeling bad and it's so cute, but I don't think he would appreciate me putting it on here, so I'm not!

I've been trying to make some new healthy recipes.  I found one somewhere, either pinterest or facebook the other day and tried it.  It was so good, we had it twice in a week.  The girls loved it too, which was nice!

Turkey stuffed peppers with a side of black eye peas.  The second time we had it, I added some roasted baby carrots.  Yummy!

All 3 girls are doing really well in school.  We are 2 days away from being at lesson 100, so we only have 69 more lessons to go after that:)  Who's counting, right?!?!

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