Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blizzard '15

Last Tuesday we had a blizzard.  They were saying we could get up to 3 feet.  We ended up getting at least 30 inches.  It snowed the entire day, much of it very heavy.  It was very windy and cold of course.  Lots of places closed, because it was rather dangerous.  Thankfully it was a fluffy snow and very few people lost power.

I did my regular grocery shopping on Monday and went earlier than usual to try and beat the crowd.  HA, the joke was on me, because everyone in NH was there.  To say it was INSANE is an understatement.  We did get everything we needed though:)

The snow drifts were crazy.  In one spot you could see spots of grass, and others the snow was over 3 feet high.

Craig went for a 3 mile walk and took the camera with him.  Then he helped people shovel out their driveways and walkways.  He loves to be out in the snow.

Just one of the Many plows out!

See that snow bank??? Crazy!

Our deck

Craig cleaning off the deck before it turned to ice!


Julie Loftin said...

I love snow pics! Very pretty!

Eron Miller said...

Man that's a lot of snow!!!!