Thursday, February 26, 2015

Around here

Wow, 2 weeks since my last update.  I think that's the longest I've ever gone without blogging except while on vacation.

As I've said before, there's not always a lot to update in the winter, but it's actually been a pretty busy winter with lots of snow and really freezing cold temperatures.

I am Loving my AdvoCare products and how wonderful they have helped me feel.  Craig has 6 days left on the challenge and has already lost 10 lbs.  I'm so thankful he's joining the journey to better health with me.  I'm also loving selling AdvoCare.  It's easy, because the products speak for themselves.  They're just GrEaT!!!!

We had church on Valentine's Day, which was a Saturday because there was a big snow storm coming in that night through the entire day on Sunday.  A man brought me roses and told me he wanted to bring them to me to show his appreciation for how much Craig has helped him.  I appreciated it so much.  My husband is the best!

The snow banks around here are massive.  It's actually dangerous, because you have to pull out so far to see if cars are coming.  I'm ready to see grass, and I hope we don't get anymore snow this year.

The snow bank right outside our door that goes as high as our deck!!  Pictures absolutely do not do justice to the amount of snow around here.

Abby is really loving playing basketball and she gets better every week.  Craig does a great job coaching them.  Kyndal has declared she wants to play next year too.

They are both doing good with gymnastics and really loving it.  Anna Claire told me the other day she wants to do ballet, so we will sign her up for that next year.  The girl dances around the house all.the.time!  It's really cute.

Anytime AC hurts herself, which is often, and I ask her if she will be okay, she says NO.  Hahaha

The girls still love to play out in the snow, but it's been way too cold to play outside.  The snow will be around for a couple more months, so when it warms up, they can play.

However, anytime Craig is working outside, they take the opportunity to play.

I've helped do some shoveling at the church and cleaned off our deck one day, which was mostly ice, and let me just tell you, that is some HARD work.  I'm so glad our driveway gets done for us.

All 3 girls are doing well in school, we are doing an extra day a week, to get ahead and be done with school for when we have some nice weather to get out in. 

We've made our summer vacation plans and we are SO excited.  Let me be clear:  we make our plans, the Lord directs our steps.

Last Friday night, Craig and I went out for a movie.  I wanted to see American Sniper, but we left before 10 minutes into the movie, because Oh My Goodness at the Horrible, Awful language.  I will just try reading the book, unless they use the same awful language.  So we went to the bookstore instead and got us a book.  The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren.  We are beginning the Daniel Plan next Wednesday.  We want to honor the Lord in every area of life, and I would say we have lacked in the arena of food and what we put into our bodies, so we are making some changes and are very excited about it.

I had my very first AdvoCare Mixer Monday night.  I tried to get as prepared as possible, by studying up on products and video's and praying.  They advise you to do your first mixer with your mentor, but my mentor lives 1200 miles away, so that wasn't possible.  I was on my own.  A couple of people said they would have never guessed it was my first one, so I would say it was a success.  I didn't get tripped up any, so that was nice.  I'm thankful.  I made a few sales, so I was happy:)  And very happy for the people who are using the products, because like I said before, they are great!

Oh, and Craig and I are having another date night this Friday.  Looking forward to it!  We have a fellowship dinner with our leadership team on Saturday afternoon after Abby's basketball game.  We are also having a chili cook off at church on Sunday evening.  It will be a busy, fun weekend.

My very sweet, special, Godly, loving, caring, compassionate, cute as can be, praying Grandmother turns 80 on Sunday.  Grandmother, though we can't be there in person to celebrate you, we are there in spirit and wish you the Happiest Birthday ever, and many many more to come.  We love you and Pa SO much!


Julie Loftin said...

Yeah...a new post!! :) You look awesome!!!

Allison said...

Thank you Julie!