Monday, August 17, 2015

Old Home Days 5K

Craig and I ran the Old Home Days 5K Saturday!  After running a race Thursday night, setting PR's, doing cross training Friday, I didn't have any high expectations for this race, and especially since it's very hilly and tough.  A friend said, set a personal best, as I headed for the start line.  I said, yeah right, that probably won't be happening today!  Well, low and behold, I set another PR and couldn't have been more shocked or happy about it.  Very thankful the Lord helps me!  Craig had a great run  and met his goal as well.

Craig's results:  Finish time=23:25  Pace=7:33

My results:  Finish time=27:57  Pace=8:55

Before the fun!

Craig headed for the finish line!

This precious man is a real inspiration!  He's run this race, I know for the past 3 years, but I believe a lot longer, maybe every year.  He is 90 and ran it in 55 minutes. 

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Julie Loftin said...

Great job you two!! That's awesome! And.....great job 90 year old man!! Sheesh! That's incredible!