Sunday, August 2, 2015

Running update

We ran just under 54 miles during the month of July.  Some runs are harder than others:)  The weather was pretty good most of the month which really helps.  We have many more longer runs during the month of August as we are getting closer and closer to the half marathon.

We are running 2 5K's this month, which will be fun.

I got a new running shirt from Cross Training Couture.  They make workout shirts with messages from the Bible.  I love it, and plan to get a couple more.  They left me a hand written message with my shirt, which I thought was so cool.  I know they send them to everyone and that's what is so cool.

I'm reading a book about Kara Goucher right now and of course she shares lots of running tips which I'm finding very helpful.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy running:):):)


Julie Loftin said...

You are running machine! I wish the weather here was cooler for running outside. It's impossible to run in this outside in this heat. I much prefer running outside than the boring treadmill.

Allison said...

I hear ya Julie, while we were in AL, it was SO hot and it was early June. We have fabulous running weather here in the summer. But completely stuck inside in the winter:( I agree, it's boring to run on the treadmill!!!