Sunday, August 7, 2016

PCB 16

Every other year, my mom and Pappy take the family to Panama City Beach, FL.  It's always a really fun time being with all the siblings and cousins.  We look forward to it every time it rolls around.  It did add an extra 5 hours to our drive, but it was certainly worth it.  We all had a blast.  The girls swam a ton.  Kyndal actually ended up with swimmer's ear the last day we were there, which come to find out is extremely painful.  We made a trip to the Dr. and got antibiotics and she was all better after suffering for a few days.:(

After a wonderful trip to the beach, we headed to Eufaula for lunch with special friends, and then on to Birmingham for 2 weeks with family.  It was truly a wonderful vacation, probably the best yet.  We are truly grateful for safe travels, as we definitely put some miles on our car:)

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