Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Vacation to B'ham

We spent 2 weeks in Birmingham enjoying all of our family.  It really felt like the most laid back enjoyable vacation we've ever had.  We got to see all of our family lots and just had a ton of fun.  Craig did get eat up with poison ivy, Kyndal got swimmer's ear and had a scooter wreck, and Anna Claire had a really high fever for about 24 hours, but we still had the best time.  Lots and lots of wonderful memories were made.  There was lots of laughing and as I type this I laugh as some of the memories (Eron:):):)

We had a couple of great full days with MiMi
We had a couple of great visits with Craig's siblings and all the cousins
Us 4 enjoyed a really great and fun day at Six Flags with Uncle Brad and Aunt Rikki
We partied for Maddox's #4, and even played in the storm
Splash Pad fun
 All the girls went to the drive in movie with grandmother (not in this car)
Love them Big!
Celebrated MiMi's birthday!
Celebrated Grandmother's birthday!
Got to enjoy 2 outings with my dad, actually to the same place! Haha And I crack up every time I see this picture because of how Eron ask someone to take it!  Hilarious!!!
Another pic that makes me LOL.  Fun times at the Play Place!  Eron, I'll spare posting the photo of you coming down that hanging slide thing (again, cracks me up)
Breakfast the morning we were leaving to head back North
LOLOLOL, we are some cool chicks:):):)

I obviously have lots more pictures of our happy time, but can't put them all on here, but we will forever hold the sweet memories made in our hearts and minds!!

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