Thursday, August 11, 2016

Random things

Craig and I are in mid training for the marathon.  The long runs and even the weekly runs are getting longer and longer.  I've seriously thought about only doing the half, but Craig is really helping me and encouraging me to do the full, so I'm still in for now!!!
This was after 13.1 and showers
I began leading a BootCamp class at our church a few weeks ago, which is going really great.  It's lots of fun to work out with a group of people.  

The girls will begin back to school the last week of August, so we are enjoying our last couple of weeks of summer.  

Craig and the girls went camping (in a camper) last week and they had lots of fun.  I stayed behind and did some studying in the quiet.
This is obviously not from their trip, but they sure love their Daddy and he sure loves them.

August is a pretty busy month for us, but busy can be good, so we will just enjoy it all.

I had a timehop picture come up the other day from 2 or 3 years ago, and so I did a side be side.  I've lost 45 pounds between the 2 pics and am truly grateful.  The Lord has helped me every step of the way and given me passion for the health and fitness industry.

The girls also begin back to gymnastics just after school starts back, so they are really looking forward to that.

Anna Claire will begin kindergarten this year and will be a part of the Abeka Academy like her sisters.  She and I both are excited about all that she will learn this year!  Abby will be in 7th grade and Kyndal will be in 5th.  Kind of crazy how fast they grow up, but I'm thankful I get to watch them grow:)

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