Friday, May 20, 2011

Field Day @ PCS

Today was Kyndal's last day of 4K and to be at Parkview (very bitter-sweet).  Today was also Field Day for the 1st-12th grades.  They had all sorts of fun games to play, a water slide and a dry bouncy slide, hotdogs, & shaved ice.  When I picked up Kyndal and we ate some lunch, we went back to the school to have some fun with Abby's class.  It was time for the water slide and they let Kyndal participate, so that was lots of fun for both of them.  After the water slide I had to take Kyndal home to change, because I didn't know she would be playing on it so I didn't pack her anymore clothes.  Once she changed, we headed back to the school to play on the dry slide, which was also lots of fun for them.  It was hot outside so I was ready to leave (Kyndal was not, but oh well this momma said lets go)!!!  Anna Claire had lots of fun just watching.  We have a cook out tonight at someones house, as we did last night too!!  I love when I don't have to cook (hehe).  So I'm sure once we get home tonight and have a bath, our kids will be asleep in no time.  So here are the pics from a day full of fun.

Her last morning to go to 4K at Parkview (tear)

Just watching (so content)

Kyndal didn't have a towel so Abby wrapped her up in hers with her!!!

Love these girls, and of course Anna Claire too!  Abby and Kyndal both had Wonderful teachers this year and we are so grateful for them both!

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