Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Friday night we had a fish fry at some friends house.  It was good and fun.  Friday was a long day, so the girls were really tired when we got home.  Saturday after breakfast we took a family walk on the trail at 9am, and it was sooooo HOT.  By the way, I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday (go me)!!  We didn't do much else that day but just hang around the house and play outside.  Sunday afternoon, we had our annual church picnic, it was at a new place this year, which was very nice.  It was hot and there were LOTS of gnats (I really despise gnats), but we had a good time.

They were making their own individual bags of homemade ice cream (pretty neat)!

Sunday night after getting all cleaned up and ready for bed, Anna Claire was playing in the floor with her toys, and scooted herself into her toy basket as you can see.  She got upset for a minute and when I saw her, I had to get the camera, it was too funny not to take a pic.  When I was taking her picture she got really upset, I don't think she found it as amusing as I did!!!

This morning, I went to the kitchen for about 1 minute to rinse out a sippy cup and when I walked back into the living room I didn't see Anna Claire anywhere, which always makes your heart seem to skip a beat or two.  So, I'm looking around and this is where I found her:

Under the table!  She did think that was cute!!!  She doesn't really crawl (although she does a little) or walk but she gets to what she wants, and rather quickly too.  Her favorite thing to do is while sitting up, let herself fall backwards, roll over, sit back up, and do it all over again.  I watched her do that last night at least 10 times.  I tell her no,no, because one day there is going to be something behind her when she falls back and it's going to hurt.  Hopefully she will find something more fun and less dangerous to do soon!

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