Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fresh from the Garden

There are some very kind people here who brought us fresh from the garden, zuccuni, yellow squash, new potatoes, and cucumbers.  So last night I made a veggie dinner.  We had sauteed yellow squash and zuccuni, roasted new potatoes, and black eye peas.  I was looking forward to cooking that all day.  And, it did not dissappoint.  It was sooooo good.  We all went back for seconds.  While I cooked, Abby and Kyndal played in the back yard, and Anna Claire was napping.

After dinner, the wind was blowing pretty good but not as much as yesterday.  So the girls wanted to fly kites with daddy.  They had fun, but the wind wasn't really blowing good enough for their kites to stay in the air for very long.  Kyndal came in pouting about that!!!  Anna Claire had a ball watching them.  Then we went for a family walk/run on the trail which was really nice.

Kyndal is finished with school this Friday and Abby will be done next Wednesday, then it's summer time!!! YEAH!!!

Abby and Kyndal woke her up when they went in to get their shoes, so when I finally went to get her, she was up playing with that toy!  She can get from a laying position to a sitting position and vice versa, but she won't crawl or walk!!!!  They were/are all 3 soooo different!!

She is watching them fly their kites!

This morning, they got up a few minutes before I did and when I walked into the living room, they were dressed and Abby was reading her science book to Kyndal!  Precious moments!!!

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