Wednesday, September 12, 2012

little "little"

We are in our second week of school and it's going well.  Like I said last week, having a 2 year old in the mix can get a bit crazy at times.  I sometimes feel bad for her that she is lacking some attention, but at least she is here with her mom and sisters, right????  I put in some educational dvds for her, but she's not really interested in TV for more than, oh 2 seconds.  She does like to color, so that will occupy her for about 15-20 minutes.  She likes to play with books, and she will play with her toys for a little while too.  The other times, she is at the table messing with their papers, writing on their papers, telling them to move, wanting in my lap, writing on my lesson plan book, yelling, oh and potty training.  One day I will miss these days I know.  I am enjoying them, but it can get a little hairy every now and then.  She really is a great little baby girl!

When she does something she knows she is not suppose to and you call her to come to you or you get on to her, she closes her eyes, as if you can't see her anymore.  It's the funniest thing ever.  I crack up everytime. 

She is actually telling me when she has to use the potty some of the time and is doing pretty well in that area.  With Abby and Kyndal I made it like a 3 day mission of staying inside, wearing panties, and just living in the bathroom.  Not with AC!!!  We are just going with the flow through this potty training thing.  She's not even 2 1/2 yet anyways.

She still doesn't really talk a ton, but she gets her message across.  She does try to repeat us, but between Abby and Kyndal, she doesn't have much time to talk!

She is getting a little picky with her eating for some reason.  She has always been such a great eater, now it's a struggle to get her to eat most meals.  Now, you put some cheese puffs, applesauce, or goldfish in front of her and she is ALL over it!  She needs to overcome this little obstacle quickly. 

She still messes with her hair as you can tell in pictures, it looks a little crazy, but oh well, what do I do?!?!

She is a true joy and delight in our family!

She always wants you to look at her color page and say that's so pretty!!!


Michelle Hafner said...

Just a thought. Not original. I stole it from some time management book. My girls were about the same ages as yours. When I needed one on one time with one of the bigger girls, I "scheduled" play time for the other big girl with the 2 year old. They might do puzzles, blocks, color. The bigger sister felt like she was being the "teacher" to baby sister. Baby was occupied and Mom got school accomplished.

Tesha said...

I have an almost two year old also yep it's hard:) But soooooo worth being with them every day!