Sunday, September 16, 2012

Open House

We had an open house today to welcome our church members to our home.  We want them to know our home is always open to them at anytime!  We had some light refreshments and drinks to serve.  We had it from 2-6 with people signed up to come each hour.  We don't have a ton of parking so we had to break it up that way.  It was a beautiful day and it felt great outside, so another day of open windows!!!  I'm loving this open window weather here in the North.  That's not something you get much of in the South.  Several of the members were able to make it and we just had a great time getting to know them even more and enjoying some sweet fellowship.  I will say that once everyone left and we cleaned up, this clan is super duper tired and I'm hoping my kiddos will sleep a little later in the morning!!!  Thankful for another great Sunday!

Silly girls before church

Sweet little hostesses (wow that picture is dark)

These pics were before we got smart and did them as a big group!!!

Associate Pastor and his sweet wife! 
We didn't even get everyone's picture that came during this hour, pooey!

Sweet Senior Saints

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