Thursday, August 1, 2013

Annual pics

I have always taken the girls to have their annual pictures done professionally.  However, I really like doing them, even though I'm no professional.  I like for them to look more real, rather than staged.  They usually do better for me than a stranger anyways.

Anna Claire turned 3 the beginning of June, so I'm a little late with hers.

Abby turns 10 the first of October, so I'm a little early with hers, but the weather is prettier and warmer now.  I also forgot to do hers and Kyndal's 7 and 9 year old pics.  Whoops.

Kyndal turns 8 the end of September, so I'm a little early with hers, but again better weather and more pretty now.  Well actually the fall is very pretty here, but it was also easier to do them all at once!

We did take several shots, but I just narrowed it down to my favorite one of each girl.

Okay, enough explaining.


And a cute sister pic, with un-matching shoes, because we had no intention of getting shoes in our pics so it didn't matter!

Now off to blow up the individual pics and hang them on the wall.  Yeah for a success in my book:)

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Angie Vik said...

I do like getting professional pictures done but the nearest place to do that is Duluth and it's 90 minutes away. It's usually easier to do them myself.

Yours turned out nice. Your little girls look sweet and ladylike. We have September and October birthdays in our family too. Yay for cute little girls.