Wednesday, November 13, 2013



It's not your birthday nor our anniversary, just want to share my appreciation and I do that much better in typing, rather than talking (as you know).  I'm sharing it on the blog because I want you to always be able to read it (especially when I make you mad)!!hehe

I appreciate that you love the Lord and allow Him to lead you.  You love me and our girls so much and it shows.  I couldn't have hand picked a better daddy for the girls.  I couldn't have picked a better husband for myself.  I appreciate that you seek His wisdom for decisions for our family.  I appreciate that you work so hard for our family.  I appreciate that you are wise in spending money.  I appreciate that you give me off days.  I appreciate that you let me go to the gym everyday.  I appreciate that you sit at the dinner table with us and always tell me thank you and that you enjoyed it.  I appreciate that you talk to me, you share your day with me, you share your feelings with me, you share your struggles with me, and you share your happiness with me, and that makes me happy.  I appreciate that you listen to me, and help me makes decisions when I ask you.  I appreciate that you encouraged me to homeschool and work extra hard to make it possible.

I appreciate that you are a great pastor and preacher.  I appreciate that you study hard and pray hard too.  I appreciate that you love the flock the Lord has placed you with.  I love that you care so much about others spiritual well being.  I love that 99% of the time you are so patient and loving with even the most difficult people.  Actually, in all honesty, I completely admire that virtue you have.  I appreciate that you self reflect more than anyone I have ever met.  I appreciate that you seek to grow closer to the Lord every single day.

I could seriously type so much more, but now I will work even harder on showing how much I appreciate you rather than just telling you.  I obviously do get mad at you from time to time, but for the most part I think you ROCK!!!    Love you tremendously, Allye

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