Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am completely honored and SO very blessed to be the granddaughter of these two VERY special people...

Photo: Day very thankful for my mom/Clyde!......I accepted Jesus as my Saviour at 7 and in all my life of church families I have known few true prayer warriors. My mom/Clyde have a direct line to Jesus. That same line is available to you and I if we prayed with the same dedication and time that my parents do. Thank you mom/Clyde for the example you have set for our family and thankyou Jesus for allowing me to be their daughter!

These are my grandparents (Clyde and Sara) who truly are the greatest example of Christ likeness.  My mom posted this picture on her fb page as one of her thankful days and then my sweet husband re posted it sharing how special they are.  I wanted to continue sharing because they are Awesome.  They pray constantly, they love Christ and others with passion, they forgive, they don't judge, they are just awesome.  I'm sure I have taken them for granted at times, but as I look at this picture, I know how truly blessed I am to have them as my grandparents.  Couldn't EVER ask for better examples of Christ love than these two show.  So Pa and Greatgran, thank you for following the Lord with all of your hearts and loving your family and all others the way you do, thank you for such a wonderful example to follow after.  We all love you so VERY VERY much:) 

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