Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday after school, we picked up Chevy for the weekend, had some lunch and came home to meet the speech therapist for Kyndal.  Yes Kyndal will meet with the ST for 30 minutes every week for I don't know how long.  The ST says it won't have to be too long as Kyndal only needs some assistance in pronouncing her R's.  She comes to our house for the session, which is awesome, and we really like her too:)  Craig took the youth group to a Superbowl event in MA, which was an all night event.  I took the girls shopping for the Shoebox Ministry and to dinner.  We had a fun night.

Enjoying some dinner at Applebee's

Saturday, when Craig got home I went to work out while the girls played and Craig napped off and on.  That afternoon we went to Matthew's birthday party and the girls had lots of fun playing with the other kids.  On the drive back home, it was silent.  I asked the girls if they were tired and they all said yes except Abby.  Needless to say, they were out early that night.  They went to bed late Friday and woke up super duper early on Sat., so they were wiped out after all their fun.  I tried to watch the Bama game, but fell asleep after the 1st quarter.  I was so tired, but I hear the game turned out really well.  Roll Tide!!!

Going to celebrate Matthew

Sunday, we had a great worship service, followed by choir practice for our Christmas program.  Then home to cook and grocery shop.  We had a ladies fellowship last night and it was lots of fun.  Afterwards, I had to finish up my grocery shopping, then home to relax!!  It was a great weekend:)

Delivering their shoe boxes to church.  They spent their own money to fill the boxes and to ship them.  Sweet girls!

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