Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Tree Lighting

Saturday night we went to Boston to see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Market Place Mall (or whatever it's called).  It was soooooooooooooo crowded.  I don't think I've ever been around so many people.  Chevy was with us so I had her and Kyndal and Craig had Abby and Anna Claire.  We didn't take our hands off of them.  The lighting started at 7:30, so we got there at 5:30 and were going to eat first, however that must have been all the other millions of people's plan because the wait everywhere was 90 minutes.  Inside the mall, well that was a joke, you couldn't even walk around and they were all eating outside (in the 20 degree weather).  We went and watched some dancers for a while and then went back to Cheers where we put our name on the waiting list.  We had about another 20 minutes to wait and then we finally got a seat.  We finished eating at 7:45, so we missed the lighting, but we did go see the tree from pretty far away since there were a million people in front of us!  We had a really great night and the girls seemed to have lots of fun!

Before we left

The girls watching the dancers

Still waiting for a table

Finally got a table, now waiting for our food.  They must have worked up an appetite, because they all ate more than usual, well except for Kyndal!

This cute girl did really good considering they went to bed late Friday night, woke up early Saturday morning and she had NO nap that day!

Our view of the tree!

As we pulled out of the parking garage, it started snowing.  As we got closer to home you could tell it had been snowing and had covered the roads and such.  It wasn't a lot of snow, but the first couple of snows are pretty messy since the roads haven't been treated.  We saw 2 cars off the side of the road on the interstate and we were driving 20 mph about 3 miles before our exit.  When we finally got off the interstate, the roads were a BIG mess.  Cars were sliding everywhere.  Thankfully we made it home safe and sound:)

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Julie Loftin said...

Looks like a messy drive home but, pretty at the same time :). Glad you guys had fun! That tree looks huge!