Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fishercats Game

Saturday night, we went with a group of friends from the church to a Fishercats game.  It was lots of fun!  We didn't hang till the end.  There was a firework show after the game, but we left around 9:15 and it was only in the 5th inning.  Some folks didn't get home till 11:45!  Way to late for this crew and we had been up since 5:45, which is way early for this crew! Ha:) 

She had already had some cotton candy and coke!  O my, that doesn't happen often:)

Anna Claire said, why didn't you get me in the picture!!!


julie Loftin said...

Abbey definitely looks like Craig's mini me and Kyndal and AC are your mini me :).

Allison said...

I completely agree!!