Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Vacation '14 (Part 1)

On 7/13, after service we set out on our long adventure to AL for 3 weeks.  That's 12 states, 18 hours, 1200 miles of adventure:)  It's really a fun time in my opinion.  We tried to drive through the night, but ran into some really bad weather and lost some time.  We just got too tired, so we stopped and slept.  We arrived in B'ham Monday about 4:30 and jumped right into family time!  We absolutely enjoyed every single minute of our time there!

I didn't get a picture while at the church, but lots of people from church were holding all of these sweet poster's as we left Sunday.  So sweet and encouraging:)

HA!!!  We did eat some Krispy Kreme, but we didn't do Krystal's

My brother and sister:):):)  Love them!

Lots of splash pad fun with sweet cousins:)

Grocery shopping with 5 kiddo's=Insanity!!  HA, it was fun:)

Swimming at MeMe's with cousin Deric

She wasn't so sure about the pool yet!!

Ah, she made it in with big sister's help!!

MeMe with our girls

And Aunt Laurie!  Deric wasn't having any pictures with a bunch of girls!

Great Gran teaching Anna Claire all about washing and drying clothes:)

Some Chuck E Cheese fun with Aunt Eron, Marley, and Maddox

Sweet girls:)

It was a great first week of visiting with lots of family.  Before we headed to the beach, we made a stop in Eufaula to visit with some sweet friends.  I didn't get any pictures:(  It was great getting to visit with several of our friends down there.

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Julie Loftin said...

So glad ya'll had a great trip! Looking forward to part 2 :).