Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Vacation '14 (Part 2)

Then we headed to Panama City Beach with my family for 4 full days!!  It was lots of fun.  The girls swam like crazy.  I mean, like all hours they were awake.  Craig and I ran each morning, which was so nice!  However, one morning we got caught in a monsoon.  We were completely soaked, which made it hard to run, but we kept going.  The whole family (29 of us) went to dinner one night and took pictures on the beach.  All the kids had air brushed shirts made.  A couple of trips to get Froyo. A fun day at Miracle Strip. Over all tons of sweet and fun memories were made.

Cute little Maddox for the one moment when he wasn't whining!!! HA!  He was quiet the whiner on this trip, thank goodness, he is so cute:)

Our girls wore their swim suits to drive to the beach so they could jump right in:)

Mommy, I want in!  Mommy, I want out!  Mommy, I want in!  Mommy, I want out X 1,000:)

The girls were squirting Craig, so he snuck in and changed and then came out to surprise them.  To say it was loud out there, would be a HUGE understatement!

Cuteness overload:)

This just makes me LOL big time!  Gotta love my crazy brother:)

All the kiddo's.  13 kids, 2 boys, 11 girls.  The 2 boys are the oldest and the youngest.  Only 12 of the kiddo's are my mom and Steve's grandchildren!  What a crew:)

This was the night we walked to the beach to take pictures and walk to dinner! Jessi, Abby, Justin, Anna Claire, Marley, Caitlin, Eden, Jules, Maddox, Kyndal, Madison, and Zyla

Mom and Steve with all their grand kids +1!

Our sweet girls!

My brother's family!  Justin, Misty, Jason, Caitlin, Madison, and Jessi

My sister's family (minus Jason who had to work)!  Marley, Eron, and Maddox

Craig napped through the pictures and met us for dinner.  We actually didn't get one family pic on the beach.  O well:)

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julie Loftin said...

Great pics! That is quite a crew! Looks like ya'll had a blast :).