Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Vacation '14 (Part 3)

More beach fun...

One of our trips to Sweet Frog

Miracle Strip fun!  We got there when it opened at 4.  We stayed till about 5:30.  We were ready to eat dinner, well some of us were anyways.  Eron and Kyndal got sick and wanted to be done.  Anna Claire and Maddox were just tired and hot.  So Eron and those 3 kids went back to the house for the night.  Craig, myself, Abby, and Marley went to Sharky's for dinner, then back to Miracle Strip till about 9:30.  We had lots of fun:)

Someone snagged my camera and took a selfie:)

A day at the beach!  It was really more like an hour at the beach.  I really do not like sand or the ocean.  I don't like having sand stuck to me at all and in the South, you don't even have to get in the water to be wet and have sand all over you.  I was sweating and covered in sand.  Not my idea of fun.  So after an hour, we headed back to the house for some more pool time.  That's more my speed!

Marley and Kyndal waiting on the waves!

Abby caught her a wave!

Kyndal caught her one too:)

She could sit and play in the sand for hours!  She is her Daddy's child:)

Love this man!

Love my sissy boo too!

Once we got back to my Sister's house and unloaded, we went to dinner at Craig's sister's house.  PaPaw with all his grand babies, except for the one growing in Aunt Rikki's belly:)
Ricky, Evie, Abby, Ella, Reese, Kyndal, Anna Claire, and Wyatt
Again, only one boy, for now:)

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Julie Loftin said...

Love all the pics! Didnt know Rikki was pregnant again! Awesome!