Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Vacation '14 (Part 4)

The Friday we arrived back from the beach, the girls went and spent the weekend with their MeMe. I had to get this one from facebook and can't get it to center.  The girls had lots of fun!

 On Saturday, me and my sissy had Momma's Day Out and it was great:) That night Craig and I had date night and it too, was great:)

 Sunday night, the 4 girls spent the night with Grandmother.  They kept Maddox while we had a double date!

It's been a loooooong time since we've had a double date!  It was lots of fun.  Cheesecake Factory

Good times!

Monday, we all went swimming at Eron's friends house.  Lots of fun!

By the end of the vacation, she was splashing around by herself.  She should be good to go next year!

 That night, we had dinner with my Dad and Lisa at Habanero's

We got to sneak in some time of play with Cheryl Kaye before we left too:)

Tuesday night, the big girls spent the night with Ella.  Eron and her fam had dinner with Craig, AC, and I at Full Moon.  It's SO yummy.  Again, all good times!


Eron Miller said...

Love it such good fun times that I will treasure forever, the pic of mom is hilarious she will die when she sees it!!!

Julie Loftin said...

I agree with Eron. I love the pic of your mom doing the toe touch! Hilarious! She will definitely die though when she sees it. Watch out for revenge! :)

Allison said...

Uh yea she about did, so the pic is gone now. I was impressed, but she wasn't!!:(