Friday, September 19, 2014

Around here

We have a 3 day weekend and we are excited!

Kyndal's birthday is Monday, so we are taking the day off from school:)

We have fun plans to celebrate Kyndal and Abby's birthday's on Monday!  Abby's is in 2 weeks.

School is going well for all 3 girls.  Anna Claire is doing really well with numbers, shapes, colors, and sounds.  She remembers a few of the letters we've learned, but not all of them.  She loves to paint.

We do have a pretty busy weekend.  We have soccer, church picnic, friends over for dinner and fellowship, church, choir, and the girls dance ministry they are a part of.  It will be fun!

The weather is pretty cool here.  Our high was like 65 today.  It's suppose to reach 70 tomorrow.  It is suppose to be very pretty tomorrow which will be nice for the picnic.

There was a Huge fire over here Tuesday night.  The girls and I were looking at shoes on the computer when Abby got up and looked out the back door and said momma there's a fire.  We thought she was kidding, but O, she wasn't.  I called 911.  It was an auto business, so it had cars in it and lots of oil.  It burned like crazy for over 5 hours.  It was a 3 alarm fire and they were out from 7:45 pm to 7:05 am.  Very sad for the owner.  Thankful no one was hurt.

I've probably mentioned this before but I will mom is coming for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm not excited or anything:)

Happy Weekend!!

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Julie Loftin said...

We had 65 degree highs last weekend! It was glorious! 80's again this weekend so, Im ready for the 60s again :). Have a great 3 day weekend!