Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So the girls began last Thursday.  Anna Claire's class was at 1, and the big girls class was at 3:30.  We had to run an errand that day after lunch so we were in a hurry to get there and got caught in road construction, and ended up being 10 minutes late.  Anna Claire had been talking about going all day and seemed so excited.  We walk in the door, and she starts bawling.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  She was the only child in that class because some had not signed up yet and most go in the morning hours.  The coach said her sisters could go with her, but she still didn't want to.  Maybe next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby and Kyndal loved their class, but I knew they would.  They have taken gymnastics before and loved it.  They both did really well!

Take 1:  Cute pic, too much shadow, everyone was ready and excited!

Take 2:  Cute pic, better lighting, and here we go!!!  O, and Roll Tide:)

Take 3: Cute pic, missing one:)  Maybe next year!!

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