Saturday, September 27, 2014


Because Abby and Kyndal's birthdays are so close (11 days), we have always celebrated them together, except their 1st b'days.  They enjoy it and as long as they do, we will do it this way.  This year we all decided to just make it a family celebration, so on Monday, we made the whole day about what they wanted to do.

They chose Longhorn's for lunch

because they love steak

and playing with their food:)

And then we went to Chuck E Cheese for games!


Then we headed to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt!

In between the games and yogurt, we did some shopping, where they were picking out what they are saving up for.  Trying to find the best price and such!  It was a good day!  The girls said they had lots of fun, so that was great:)

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