Thursday, September 11, 2014

Soccer begins

Saturday was their first game and they liked it a lot.  They both did so well.  Their teams played each other, so cheering for them was kinda funny.  Ha, we just cheered for both teams and girls of course.  It was a really hot and humid day, so they cut the game short about 15 min as some kids were getting too hot.  One little girl on Kyndal's team got hurt within 10 minutes of the game starting.  They were thinking she might have broken her arm.  Poor girl.  Craig gets to coach Kyndal's team this week!  They have been practicing with Craig too.  Thankfully it's a lot cooler here now.  Some of their last games, it will be cold!

One of their cheerleaders:)

That's Abby in the gray top with black shorts with the pink and white on them.

That's Kyndal in the red top with orange shorts with white on them.

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Julie Loftin said...

Looks like you have some little athletes on your hands :).