Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's been a little busy around here!  Fun busy:)  Friday, Craig and I went to a Gaither's Vocal Band Concert with some friends from church down in Boston.  I'm not a real big concert fan, but that was a really good concert.  I didn't get any pictures because I left my purse at home, on accident.  I forget a lot of things, but never my purse, so you can imagine the angst I was feeling when I couldn't find it in the car.  Ha!  Any who, it was a really fun and late night!

Saturday, the big girls started soccer.  It just so happened to be a really hot and humid day here in NE.  The game got cut short about 15 minutes because some kids were over heating.  The girls did so good.  We were so proud of them.  They played each other!!  I do have pics, for another post:)  That evening we had a friend come for dinner and enjoyed the fellowship greatly.

Sunday, after church, which I'm sure was a good service, but I was in the nursery, Craig took the big girls for a run and to practice soccer.  They have been asking to train for a 5K.  They want to do the Love Run with us next year.  We had some more friends for dinner that night, and enjoyed more good fellowship.  I got to rock a sweet baby boy to sleep and hold him for a good while.  I won't lie, it gave me baby fever.  When they left, the fever did too, thank the Lord:):):)

Last night, Craig and I went to SNA (send North America) Conference in Boston where David Platt was preaching.  When we are in AL, we go to the church he pastors, but next Sunday is his last there, as he has been called as president of the IMB.  We loved hearing him again, it was a good message and we enjoyed the night out.

School is in full force here!  It is going well so far.  Teaching a 4 year old has it's challenges at moments, but what important things in life don't?!?!  She is doing really well and loves doing school every day.  The big girls are doing really well too.

Gymnastics started last week, and of course the girls are loving that.  It will have a post of it's own with pics!

The weather is SO awesome here this week and should be for the next month, maybe!  Windows open, with an awesome breeze and pretty sunshine.  Love it!!!

We have 2 girls with birthday's coming up!  They get big so fast:)

We also get to spend our very first holiday with some family (well a family member) this year and we could not be more excited.  My mom plans to be here for Thanksgiving.  We are on the countdown!!!

That's about all for now...

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Julie Loftin said...

Sounds super busy but, fun! How cool that your mom will be there for Thanksgiving?! That's exciting!