Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to routine

We've been out of school for 2 weeks and it's been nice.  We start back to school tomorrow.  I'm kind of glad to be back to our routine.  The girls say they are not ready to go back to school, but they better get ready:)

Anna Claire only does 3 days of school now.  I'm going to do 4K with her again next year, because I want her to be older when she graduates!  That's why we started doing 3 days instead of 5.

The big girls are doing really well and are making A's and B's.  Anna Claire is doing well too and catching on quickly.

Gymnastics is back to it's regular schedule, which will be nice.  We've been doing make up classes which tends to be more crowded.

Abby starts basketball next Saturday.  I think Craig is going to coach or at least help coach.

We usually have a family from church over for dinner every Thursday, but we didn't do it for the month of December since it's busy.  We will start that back next week too.  We are only doing every other week now though.

I'm starting something new this week too:)  You will find out what in a few weeks:):)

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