Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday was a long and exhausting day.  I did lots of cooking, the girls did school, Craig had several meetings.  That night, Craig and I went to hear a friend's testimony while the girls went to a friends house.  It was a snowy night.  We had a good time, but missed the testimony because we had to go get the girls (it was late).

Saturday we had the staff, leadership, and their families over for lunch to show our appreciation for them.  We planned it before Christmas, but it was when Craig went to AL to be with his dad.  It was a really nice day and everyone said the food was good.  I wouldn't know:(  I'm doing a cleanse so I didn't partake in any of the food.  Ha!  That night, we just relaxed.

Sunday I hear it was a great service, no surprise there, but I had nursery!  Afterwards the youth group had a luncheon to raise money for their mission trip.  I also watched during that meal, while I sipped on my shake!!  Then the girls had dance for the ministry they are involved in.  We chilled after that, which was so nice.

Back to our regular schedules today.  We are hosting a friend for the Championship game tonight. 

No pictures for this post:(

Speaking of Craig's dad, he still needs lots of prayers for healing. 

We have a new niece due today, but she hasn't arrived yet:)

Hope everyone has a happy week!!!

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