Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girly girls

I would say all 3 of our girls are pretty girly.  Abby definitely likes more relaxing type clothes.  Kyndal is very much so the fashionista.  Anna Claire wants to wear a dress or leggings with her boots every. single. day!  They all love for their hair to be fixed with curls, braids, bows, ribbons, and such.  Abby does wear a ponytail more than the others.  They all 3 like for their hair to be long.

Last weekend we had our friend Chevy with us and on Sunday morning I caught all 4 of them in the bathroom getting ready.  It made me LOL.  I ran and got my camera because it was definitely a kodak moment.  Love these girls BIG.  So happy to have 3 precious girls!

Kyndal saw me with the camera and hid.  Little stinker!

Lots of pretty in one small room:)

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