Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year Fun

Wednesday, I took the girls to have their nails done (one of their Christmas gifts).  They loved it of course.  Then we did a little shopping.

That evening, Craig and I went to dinner at Olive Garden with some friends.  I wanted to get a picture and totally forgot.  Then we headed to some other friends house for games.  After being there about an hour, I got a text that Kyndal had a headache.  I carry their medicine in my purse:.  I told her to take a shower and drink some water.  Not the shower water:):)hehe  I got another text about 30 minutes later that she was sick to her stomach, very upset, and wanted me.  So we headed home, and when we got there, she had just fallen asleep.  While I was glad she finally calmed down and was well enough to fall asleep, I hated that I didn't get to her before she did.  She slept well all night and came to my bed the next morning telling me how awful she felt the night before.  She said, "mom I guess that's how you feel when you have a migraine, and it's terrible".  I've always hoped none of our girls would inherit the migraine gene.  Still hoping not!!!

On Thursday, we watched football and just hung out around the house.  I did have a good workout that morning, thankfully because I ate way too much that day!  That night we went to some friends house for the AL game.  It was a really late game, so the girls and I only stayed for a couple of hours, but I did finish watching the game which wasn't over till almost 1 am.  The Bama boys lost, but played well, and had a really great season.

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Angie Vik said...

I've never taken my girls to get their nails done. What a good idea. Looks like they enjoyed it. Maybe I'll surprise my girls someday. Sorry your daughter was sick. There's a lot of it going around our community. Church was sparsely attended last week. Hoping numbers are back up tomorrow.