Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fellowship

We had a fellowship at some sweet folks from the church's house.  There was lots of good food, great people, and a fun time.  They have a pool, but the weather was not all that great.  However the kids did manage to swim for about 30 minutes before the dark clouds started rolling in.  They had lots of fun.  We met a fellow home school mom and daughter who is in the 3rd grade, so very close to A and K's age. 

The men went and played some golf in the rain for a couple of hours and when Craig got home, I went to the store all by myself.  When I got home, it was 8pm, and I still had to give Anna Claire and myself a bath.  I go to the bathroom (we only have one in this house), and it's locked.  Butttttt, there was no one in it.  Abby or Kyndal locked it before leaving out of it, but somehow they neither remember doing it (go figure).  Now, we all have to use the restroom too (imagine that).  This is an old house, so it has a door knob with a key hole, but no key Craig had would open it.  It doesn't have screws on the outside to take the handle off, but somehow he finally managed to get it opened.  One day I'm sure I will look back on this and laugh, but last night I was NOT laughing.

They needed a snack after swimming!!!

There were dogs out on the porch barking and she was trying to see what was going on!

She woke up at 7:30am yesterday and didn't have a nap until we got home about 4pm.  She was still just as sweet as ever!

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