Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday morning fun!

My kids do not like to play outside much for some reason.  When I was a kid I lived outside.  Some may say it's the TV and such and that has alot to do with it I know, but I don't let them watch much TV.  So we told them to go out and play this morning and of course they act like they have no idea what to do out there!!!!!  Craig goes out and puts them on the roof and tells them to jump to him.  At first they were terrified, but then it became fun and they were asking to stay up there.  Not really my idea of fun, but whatever. 

We just plan to watch a little football today and then have dinner with some sweet people this evening.

I have some sinus mess going on and it is making me feel like poo, but I will survive.

Craig and Abby went to the high school game last night and they enjoyed themselves.  Kyndal was going to go, but got a stomach before they left and decided to stay home with me and Anna Claire.  Abby sat with her friends and had a good time.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and Roll Tide!!!

Checking it all out!  Love those little feet!

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