Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have had a cold since Thursday that I just cannot seem to get rid of.  After going to bed Sunday night, I woke up at 1:30am with an AWFUL headache, so I took something for it and 30 minutes later I started hugging the toilet.  We were best friends every 45 minutes until 8:15am.  I was so tired I didn't even feel like I could walk to the restroom most of the time.  As I sit wide awake in much pain I was thinking oh no I can not do school tomorrow, but I don't want to get a day behind either. 

I called the doctor right at 8am and went to see him at 8:30.  When the girls got up and found out I had been sick all night, both of them ask are we having school today.  Craig quickly said yes, go and get dressed.  I was so happy and thankful that he did that.  He nicely told them not to bother me all day too.  The doctor gave me a shot and some meds for the nausea, and I went back home and slept a little.  It's just hard to sleep with the kids being here, but I felt so much better yesterday afternoon.

I am still fighting this nasty cold and my poor head just hurts constantly, but hopefully it will pass by quickly. 

We ask the girls who they liked better as a teacher and they said, momma!  Yay for me, they have no other choice anyways.  They said Craig gave them extra work!!!!  Abby asked me today, next time, could I get another sub!!???!!!  Silly kid.

So props to my wonderful hubby who took over and did a fabulous job yesterday.  VERY thankful and appreciative.

Kristi who I have mentioned previously that has the breast cancer had a rod put in her thigh 2 weeks ago trying to avoid a break in her hip.  The cancer is in her bones, liver, and blood as well.  I also just read that the doctors want to do a PET scan to see if the treatments are helping.  They are hoping the insurance she has will cover this fee.  Also praying that the cancer is disappearing.  Continue to pray for a miracle for Kristi please.  You can visit her website and get updates here:   http://helpkristi.org/ 

Also we have a lady in our church (Lorraine) who has been fighting brain cancer for quite a few months now.  She is not doing anymore treatments as they don't seem to be helping as she had hoped they would and the treatments alone just take such a hit on her body.  She is under hospice care now and lives with her elderly mother.  Her dad passed away last night.  Please pray for this family during these VERY difficult days.

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