Saturday, October 13, 2012


I've had a tough week this week.  It has rained for 2 weeks straight with only a couple days in between of sunshine.  It's getting really cold (at least what I call really cold) here.  Which means it's only going to get much colder and start snowing and I'm not so sure I'm ready for all that.  Guess I better get that way quick.  I seriously need some good ideas on entertaining a 2 year old while teaching 2 other grades to 2 other girls.  It's not the hardest thing in the world, like I tend to act sometimes, but it definitely has very difficult moments.  I'm really missing my family BIG time.  I really try not to dwell on it too much, but like I said it's just been a tough week.  My hubby had to make a trip back to Bama for a funeral, which I know he will be Super tired from because it was a boomerang trip.  He did get to see some sweet familiar faces though!  I know everything can be better or worse depending on my attitude and perspective and I've got to get to work on that for this upcoming week for sure!

We haven't done too much this week other than school, but we did pick up daddy the other day and go to the closest Chick fil A about 25 minutes away for lunch.  While we waited on him, the girls played outside the church.

Yesterday we stayed in all day and I was determined to get out and do something today to burn some energy!  We went to the mall and walked around for about an hour and they rode on those little toys they have.  Then we went to Burger King and had some lunch and the girls played for about 45 minutes.

There were no other kids there, so we had the play area to ourselves, which was nice.  The slide went really fast (according to the girls, I didn't try it), so they had a good time.

"I'm not getting on that thing, but I will wait for Abby and Kyndal to come down"

"Boy this makes me thirsty"

Please don't misunderstand, I'm thankful for where we are in life.  We are blessed and we are where the Lord wants us.  I'm grateful, and here's to a much better week, with a much better attitude and perspective!

Here's 3 GREAT reasons to have a good attitude!  I have 6 ears and 6 eyes hearing and seeing everything I do, almost 24-7 literally.  They learn from me, so Allison, get with it girl!!! (little pep me up talk):)


eronmiller said...

Miss you like crazy and I hope you have a much better week, love you!

Tesha said...

SO sorry I know what those days/weeks are like. I m also very far from my family and it is so hard to be away. I am with you on what to do with a two year old. I do most of my 2nd graders school during nap. My big boys are pretty independent. Praying for you!