Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I think we are ready!!!

Last year they had a surprise snow storm on Halloween, so I wanted to be ready for whenever it decides to appear.  Of course we are all new to this snow stuff, so I had some sweet folks tell me what we needed and where to buy from.  I actually ordered most of the girls stuff online in August because they were having a good sale.  The boots I ordered for Abby came in a toddler size, so AC can wear them next year.  Mine and Abby's came into today.  Her feet are almost as big as mine which is crazy.  We went and got things we needed for our cars and outside around the driveway and such yesterday, so I hope we have all we need for whenever the snow arrives!!!!!!

1 comment:

Tesha said...

sounds kind of exciting:) I love the snow but then again I hardly ever see it;)