Thursday, October 18, 2012


I haven't been much in the blogging mood lately, so I've been a slacker!  This has been a better week so far though and I'm super thankful for that. 

I've decided for now to only do school 4 days a week, which may run us into the summer, but that's okay, it's what's best for us now.  However when it starts snowing (soon), we may do 5 days again since we will be stuck inside anyways.  We will see.  We try to do the work that they need my assistance on during nap time.  Other things that they normally don't need my help on they do in the mornings while I play or read with AC.

Monday, we ran errands, had lunch with Daddy, played at the park with friends, Kyndal got stung by a bee, went to the library, and I joined a local gym that night.  Busy day indeed.  I also went walking early that morning with a friend.  Another friend and I go to the gym at night 3 nights a week.  Maybe I will actually lose some weight soon.  Who knows, I still like to eat!!!!

Tuesday, we went to Senior Saints lunch and a man in the church who is an artist was there to lead us in a painting.  It was really lots of fun.  AC made a big mess, but she had a blast in doing so.

My painting

Abby's painting.  When she poses like this (which is too often) she says send this to Aunt Rikki, so Aunt Rikki this is for you!

Kyndal's painting

Today we went to the library again, did a little shopping, and went to the park again with a friend.  I was told it would be wise to have fun outside now while we can without freezing.  The weather has been perfect today.  It's so pretty and feels really good too.  It's suppose to rain ALL day tomorrow.  Good day to clean my house! 

Check out that hair!  Hilarious!!!

She cried when I said it was time to go.  Poor girl was having too much fun.  Tomorrow night the girls have play practice.  Sat. we have an association meeting and friends coming over for dinner and the Bama vs. Tenn. game, Sun. we have lunch and a meeting after church, and Mon. we are going to dinner at friends house.  A busy few days coming up, and I'm looking forward to it.

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