Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Growing up

Someone at church the other day was watching me try to wrangle up Anna Claire and he just smiled and said it enjoy while they are young, they grow up so fast.  It's not the first, nor fifth time I've heard that, and I know it's true.  I often try to think of when they are grown and how it will be so quiet and no messes to pick up, and I bet it will be sad at times.  I know they grow up fast, I can't even believe it will be 10 years in just 8 short months that we had our first baby.  Crazy how fast time flies. 

However some days, it feels like forever before bedtime comes.  Ha!  I love my kids dearly, but all you mommas know you can't wait for bedtime some days.  I want to treasure each and everyday with these growing girls the Lord has blessed us with and make precious memories for us all to enjoy for many years to come.


Lindsey said...

Such cuties! Ryan was already saying that he felt like Maggie was growing up too fast. LOL! He's worried that everything is just flying by.

eronmiller said...

They are such beautiful girls and I love Kyndal's outfit with her pretty pink boots