Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ice Skating

Craig took Abby and Kyndal on seperate dates to wherever they wanted to go.  They both wanted to go ice skating.  Kyndal went first and she actually did a walk on in a class, so she got to learn a little.  They went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant which was Kyndal's choose and because she liked ice skating so much they headed to the mall to buy her a pair of ice skates.  She was thrilled as you can imagine and came home to show and tell us all about their special night.

That's her in the brown coat and pink pants.

When he took Abby it was public skate, so they both got to skate.  However he forgot the camera so no pics of that trip.  They too went to the Mexican Restaurant, which was Abby's pick and then she also got a pair of ice skates since she enjoyed it so much.  So, they are both taking ice skating lessons which begin on March 4th and they couldn't be more excited about it.


eronmiller said...

They look so cute in there ice skates, I know they will enjoy taking lessons!!

Tesha said...

Oh my goodness what a sweet daddy:)