Thursday, February 28, 2013

More snow

Last Sunday we got another snow.  This time it was big flakes and very wet, so we could make good snow balls and such.  It was messy enough that we had to cancel church service along with MANY other churches around.  We had our own sweet service at home, then walked to the park and played around.  We had a really great day together.  However, I'm looking forward to spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell how big the snowflakes are???

Kyndal bop

Abby lou

Banny boo   This kid has all sorts of nick names and the other day I said come on Banny (one of her nick names) and she said "momma, AC"  I cracked up!

This was Monday morning.  It had stopped snowing, but because it was a wet heavy snow it froze on the trees, and it was absolutely beautiful Monday morning.  It melted off the trees by lunch time.

I never dreamed that one day I would have so many pictures of us in the snow.  What a blessing!

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