Monday, February 25, 2013

The Pond

There is a park right near our house that has a pond.  The girls actually swam in it once this past summer.  Any who, now that it is frozen over and they have ice skates, they go skating on it.  The day Abby got her skates, they wanted to go out.  However it was the day after the blizzard so the pond was covered in 2 ft of snow.  Their sweet Daddy took them and the snow shovel and made them a big circle to skate on.  What a good Daddy he is!  They stayed out until dark.  Anna Claire and I ran a few errands and came back to watch.  Anna Claire Hates walking in the snow, so I had to carry her to the pond, which can feel really far away when you are holding a 26 lb child in 2 ft of snow.  Little stinker!

When the girls ask to go skating on the pond, which is everyday, Anna Claire will go up to Craig and say "me pond daddy".  It's cute!

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Julie Loftin said...

Making memories! This is great! Love the pictures!