Friday, March 22, 2013

Around here

A couple of weekends ago it got into the 50s and it felt awesome.  We took a long walk and when we got back I convinced Craig we should put the patio furniture back on the deck.  He didn't really think we should, but did it for me.  Well we haven't had too many of those 50 days anymore and we got lots of snow on Tuesday.  Come on spring weather:)

Myself and 2 other friends who homeschool their kids just finished a Bible study, called No Other Gods, and we are now doing Let it Go.  We begin that next week and I'm really looking forward to it.

We are having a Ladies Fellowship in a couple of weeks at the church that I'm looking forward to.

I am going to a Ladies Conference at another church in town on 4/12 with some other friends from the church, and I'm also looking forward to that.

This has been a really busy week, however I like to be busy, so it's all good.

School is going well and the girls will have their SAT test the second week of May, so we will see how they do on that.  It's getting close to time to order cirriculum for next year!

Ice skating lessons are going very well and the girls love it.  They go and practice one day a week after they've had their lesson.  Their Daddy likes to skate with them.  Last Friday they took several friends with them and had a great time.

Kyndal likes to sit on the deck and read like her momma!

Watching a movie with Daddy last Sunday night! 

Kyndal played her iPod!

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