Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thanks Elmo

I've been trying at times to potty train Anna Claire, which hasn't been working like I had hoped it would.  Some friends of ours gave us their Elmo Potty video and some books.  AC has watched the video everyday since they gave it to us.  She likes to have the books read to her as well.  After about the first week of watching the video I would ask her did she want to potty like Elmo, and she would say "no".  Ok then, this isn't working!  Well after about 2 or 3 weeks of it, Craig put her in panties one morning, which was last Monday, and she has gone ever since.  She has had a few accidents, but has done so very well.  She does well when we are out at church and even when she spent the night away this past weekend.  She does wear a diaper for nap and bedtime, but never wets it.  I'm so excited!!!!

Here she is watching the video with her baby doll whose thumb she puts in her mouth!

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