Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Symphony

On Thursday we went on a field trip to the Boston Symphony Orchestra with some other homeschooling friends, and even some new friends.  It was a cloudy, cold, extremely windy that quickly turned into a snow storm once we got back home kind of day.  We had a really great time though.  I got an awesome workout walking to the building from the parking garage wearing the wrong shoes and carrying Anna Claire.  Ha, I needed the workout for sure.  The concert lasted about an hour and it was very good.  Afterwards we went to lunch and then headed back home.

Waiting and watching as they began to come out and warm up.

She did really well.  It was for children though, that's all that was there with adult supervision of course.

Very beautiful building

It was a really nice experience.

P.S. We just went for a Saturday afternoon walk as a family IN THE SUN!!  Can we say AWEsome?!?!?  It was a wonderful feeling.  It's in the high 40s today and just feels excellent.  We just had a hoping our last snow storm that ended yesterday morning.  A lot of it has already melted and we have a couple of 50 degree days coming up this week and a day of rain, so more melting!!!!  Come on spring.  Oh and I'm soooooo excited that the time changes tonight too:)  Happy Weekend!

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